Our Financial & Insurance Professionals

Our mission is to work closely with our clients to design financial strategies that provide confidence and clarity while also helping to protect their future. Using customized plans that are created through a true partnership, we empower our clients to weather the inevitable challenges that our complex financial world presents.

Chad Nielsen

Founder & Educator

After managing several business ventures in different industries over his life, Chad began working in the federal benefits space over 30 years ago. Since then, he has founded Gateway Financial, Gateway Insurance, and the Federal Benefits Advisory Group to help serve those who served us for so long. Noticing that many federal employees still need to receive the full benefits made available to them, Chad set out to improve the lives of those around him through his financial expertise and solutions made available through Gradient Investments. Since devoting his career to helping others Chad has become a reputable name and trusted advisor for those entering retirement. 

Beyond helping others secure their financial futures, Chad has continually served his community just as long. His community and civic work includes a 30+ year relationship with various non-profits and volunteering within community organizations in many different capacities. Chad also enjoys spending time with his wife, Kay, and their 5 children. As a family, they enjoy outdoor hobbies such as fishing, hunting, riding snowmobiles, and boating.

Carson Nielsen

Advisor & Educator

Carson has been with our company for nearly a decade now, learning to work within all aspects of the business giving him a unique perspective into the financial journey our clients will take. After graduating from a top 3 financial planning institution and working his way up through different roles, he now offers a comprehensive solution to many of our clients in their path to retirement. Beyond this, Carson has truly embodied the culture and values of our business by working with clients to meet their needs as if they were part of our family. He truly believes in our mission to help serve those around us by helping them get the most out of their finances and it has continually shown through his efforts with others.

Outside of his financial expertise, Carson enjoys time with his wife and their child they just welcomed into the world. When he’s not being a devout father or contributing to his community he also enjoys outdoor activities with family and friends.

Jaxon Knighton

Advisor & Educator

Jaxon is a financial advisor with a passion for empowering individuals to navigate their financial journeys. As an Alumnus of UVU, a top 3 financial planning institution, and an experienced professional in business advisement; Jaxon brings years of insight to helping clients secure their financial futures. Jaxon continually finds purpose in his role by “demystifying financial planning as an accessible and enjoyable experience.” He continually demonstrates our values through fostering genuine relationships with his clients and caring for their needs on an individual basis.

Outside of finance, Jaxon enjoys time spent with his family and engaging in outdoor activities whenever possible. With a commitment to both personal and professional fulfillment, Jaxon exemplifies the ideal blend of expertise, approachability, and a genuine passion for helping others achieve financial well-being.

Mikki Beck

Administration & Logistics

After graduating from UVU with her Bachelor’s in Marketing and Business Administration, Mikki began her career in the family business working in logistics and administration. Half a decade later, Mikki plays a vital role in the day-to-day responsibilities of running our operations and helping us all perform our roles to the best of our abilities. Being the youngest and only daughter in the family business, Mikki set out to make a strong impression in her field by continually applying her education and values to improve the lives of our clients and team. She is a vital member of our company who should be recognized for her diligence and effort in keeping our goal of serving others moving.

Beyond work, Mikki has just celebrated her Marriage and a new chapter of life within Idaho. She loves to spend time with her family and friends while staying physically active through a lifelong passion for volleyball.

Tyler Skott

Marketing Coordinator

Since graduating with degrees in Marketing, Business Administration, and Psychology Tyler began his career in Utah. Within half a decade, he amassed a wide range of skills encompassing all aspects of marketing and consumer psychology. He loves to continually “solve marketing puzzles” as opportunities arise to improve consumer experiences in their journey. Beyond this, he finds joy in his role by marketing to those who have served our country and helping them in their journey to reach their financial goals.

Beyond work, Tyler likes to snowboard, enjoy movies, participate in recreational games, and create arts such as pottery. He also gets gratification from continuing his education through a variety of other fields and experiences as life brings them his way.

Madelyn Dobbe

Administrative Assistant


In 2023, Madelyn graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Public Relations. Since then, she has been focused on applying her skills while gaining experience in marketing, client relations, and strategic business development. Throughout all of this, Madelyn has continually held a genuine passion for maintaining client relationships and improving everything within her professional space.

Outside of work, she enjoys competing in recreational volleyball, watching various rom-com flicks, and treating herself to “anything chocolate”. Madelyn is the newest member of the Federal Benefits team and is a welcomed addition to our efforts to improve the lives of others.

Strategic Alliances

Gradient Investments, LLC is a fee-only, SEC registered investment advisor (RIA). We have a fiduciary obligation to act in your best interest. We strive to provide independent investment advisors and their clients a progressive portfolio management suite through an active approach to risk management. We built our team around seasoned investment professionals: our portfolio managers provide decades of institutional investment experience and have a deep working knowledge of the individual client market. Whether your investment goal is preserving principal, maximizing income or accumulating capital, our investment team has a carefully designed strategy to help you achieve your long-term investment goals.

Michael Binger, CFA®

President of Gradient Investments, LLC

Jeremy Bryan, CFA®

Portfolio Manager of Gradient Investments, LLC

Tyler Ellgard, CFA®

Portfolio Manager of Gradient Investments, LLC

Keith Gangl, CFA®

Portfolio Manager of Gradient Investments, LLC

*This endorsement of Gradient Investments, LLC is provided by an investment advisor who refers clients to Gradient Investments, LLC.  A conflict of interest exists because this investment advisor receives a portion of the annual management fee charged by Gradient Investments, LLC, based on the assets under management of this investment advisor’s clients. This endorsement could assist in the investment advisor increasing the assets placed with Gradient Investments, LLC, and therefore their compensation. These investment advisors are not affiliated with or supervised by Gradient Investments, LLC.